nathan blair is a 23 year old music producer, computer scientist, and emergent media artist from los angeles.

he graduated from uc berkeley with a b.s. in eecs and is pursuing a ph.d. at ucsb mat.

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v chip superstar
the power of friendship rules the world
v chip superstar
nathan blair and vindit
up and away
v chip superstar
live at ceremony vol 2
a memory on fire
analyzing policy distillation on multi-task learning and meta-reinforcement learning in meta-world

uc berkeley cs285 2019
deep neural networks for near earth object classification in wise data

nasa jpl 2019
random embeddings for robust deep learning

uc berkeley cs294-131 2019
encouraging categorical meaning in the latent space of a vae

uc berkeley cs280 2019
the neowise-discovered comet population and the co+co2 production rates

nasa jpl, caltech 2015